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Love Stories: Hobie, Bibi & Toby

We have been thrice blessed by Wonder Dog. The first time was in 2001. I was not interested in getting a dog, but my wife wanted one to keep her company as she works at home. Hobie, 7 at the time and a "dog of the streets", immediately nestled himself in our hearts. He changed our lives - we became "dog people". We enjoyed 7 blessed years with him.

After months of mourning, we were approached by Linda about fostering a Boston Terrier that had been surrendered as the family added a new child. Bibi was a tough dog to bond with, but after a few days, we decided that we could take another dog into our lives. While Hobie had been a momma's boy, Bibi was a daddy's girl. She clung to me and we grew very close. She loved running at the dog park and resting after a long day of watching squirrels in our backyard.  She was with us for over 10 years.

A year later, we got another call from Linda, who knows much better than anyone when someone is ready for a dog. A puppy was being surrendered and needed to be transported to the farm. We picked up Toby, who was just adorable. By the time we got to Petaluma, we had decided that we wanted to be his furever home. Linda agreed and, after an evaluation period, he joined us. He also loves the dog park and is much more energetic than we are. We are very grateful to have him to keep us company during quarantine.

If you've ever thought about getting a dog, do it. Get your new dog from Wonder Dog. Your life, like ours, will be enriched in so many ways. Thanks so much, Wonder Dog!

- Joe M.

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