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Love Stories: Wesley

"I’ll confess: Chihuahuas have never been my favorite breed of dog. They tend to be barky, and even aggressive. But after fostering four terrific Boston Terriers through Wonder Dogs, I decided to challenge my preconceptions. I took in TWO dogs, both Chihuahua mixes. Wesley was the smaller of the two, a pointy, foxy little boy who warmed up to me quickly and followed me everywhere. He barked a LOT — at people, at dogs, at the sound of a neighbor’s door, when I left, when I came home, at things out the window. I called him my little Mall Cop: wildly inflating the scope of his authority. After a few months of assuring him it was not his job to protect us, he barked way less than he used to, but he was still wary of strangers. We had a few meetings with potential adopters, but nothing really clicked. And then in March: lockdown. Wesley and my other foster have helped me hang on to at least a shred of sanity during these long, slow, dull months. We’ve had plenty of extra cuddle time and naps. But how could he get adopted if I wasn’t comfortable having anyone — much less a stranger — in my house? Luckily, we found a GREAT match. Not only did Rebekah have a great place and great family, she was patient enough to wait until we found a way to keep everyone safe. We had a video call, lots of emails, and finally had a meeting: outside, masked and distanced, and went for a little walk. Wesley hit it off almost immediately with ther other dog, and by the time we went around the block he was comfortable enough to take treats and pets from his new friends. Two weeks later they came to pick him up and keep him forever, and took a tiny little Chihuahua-sized chunk of my heart with him."

~ Amy

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